Types of Web-Based Applications and Examples of Applications

Web-Based Applications

Web-based applications are gaining popularity along with the number of active internet users around the world. From being easy to access the website also does not require large resources in terms of hardware or software. Anyone from all walks of life can use a website application. Discuss more deeply about web based applications as well … Read more

Register A Free Domain To Learn To Build A Website

What are domains

Nowadays, more and more domain registrar’s appear that offer tempting prices Register A Free Domain. In fact, there are already several domain extensions that can be used by bloggers and web developers to accommodate the need for making websites look more professional. It is undeniable that a domain name is an important element to support … Read more

How Domains Work And Function

How Domains Work

Having previously discussed what hosting is, it’s not complete if we don’t discuss a close friend of hosting, who else if not How Domains Work. Surely you have often heard the word domain. Of course you’ve heard “Try typing this domain to get into a website”. From these words alone we can guess and take … Read more

Advantages Of Using Google Cloud Hosting for Your Website

Advantages Of Using Google Cloud Hosting

Have you ever heard the term cloud hosting?. Did you know that there are many advantages of google cloud hosting for your website. In this article, we will review some of the advantages that you get when using cloud hosting from Google. An Introduction To Google Cloud Hosting Google cloud platform commonly abbreviated as GCP … Read more