Register A Free Domain To Learn To Build A Website

Nowadays, more and more domain registrar’s appear that offer tempting prices Register A Free Domain. In fact, there are already several domain extensions that can be used by bloggers and web developers to accommodate the need for making websites look more professional.

It is undeniable that a domain name is an important element to support blogging activities. Apart from being able to make it easier for visitors to access content on your website or blog, there are many advantages to using a top level domain.

Well, for those of you who are interested in learning to create a website, here we summarize information about domain extension providers complete with reviews related to the risks of using free domains, advantages and tutorials on how to get them.

Advantages of Free Domain

1. Looks Less Professional

It is clear, because it is free, there are no fees or fees to be paid annually. This is certainly very helpful for novice bloggers who still want to learn to tinker with websites for the sake of learning.

2. Easy to Get

To get a domain extension, it’s very easy and easy. Usually, you just need to register an account, then you can immediately check the availability of the domain name you want to use.

3. Shorter URL

There are many interesting pros and cons to free domains. Especially among the bloggers or internet marketers. Using a itself is relatively easy if you want to create a brand website that consumers will easily remember.

Domain extensions like .TK or .GA, of course, are much shorter than the subdomain. That’s right, isn’t it?

Disadvantages Of A Free Domain

1. Looks Less Professional

The biggest drawback is the lack of value or selling point of the domain extensions used. People will tend to underestimate or doubt the credibility of your website if you use it for business.

2. Prone To Losing Affected By Banned

As users of free goods, of course, we should obey all the rules given by the service provider. Including the potential for being banned or the domain being deleted without any notification.

3. Not Free To Choose Extension

Because we don’t pay, it depends on the service provider. The choice is certainly not as much if we use a domain by buying it.

4. Can’t Create A Subdomain

What is a sub-domain? You can read an explanation related to subdomains through the following article: Understanding the Differences between Addon Domains and Subdomains.

Unfortunately, if we use a free domain, this subdomain feature can’t be used. So, you have to choose a paid domain extension which you can currently get starting from Rp. 15 thousand per year.

5. No Support

In contrast to when we buy a domain name, using a usually won’t get good support services, or even no support at all. This is certainly very inconvenient for novice bloggers who experience problems in the installation process, settings, or other technical matters.

6. Weak Index Ability

The majority of users create blogs with the aim of making money. To achieve this, one of the requirements is to increase traffic as much as possible.

Well, unfortunately for some free domain extensions they lack power when invited to fight in the SERPs Register A Free Domain.

Register Free Domain

Now, after learning about the advantages and disadvantages of using a domain, now is the time for you to find out about the various domain extensions that you can get without paying a subscription fee.

1. Domain .TK

For information, the .TK domain extension is a type of ccTLD or Country Code Top Level Domain originating from Tokelau country. Domain names from the area on the Oceania continent can be obtained by Qwords friends for as material for learning to make websites.

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2. GA . Domains

The .GA domain extension was noted to have been popular in the middle of 2011-2013 where there were still many beginner bloggers who were interested in going into cyberspace. Because it’s free, many people used to create blogs and websites for learning, and some even managed to register and be accepted by Google AdSense using this one domain. Interested in giving it a try?

3. Domain .ML

Have you ever visited a website with a .ML domain extension? This extension is actually the name for the country of Mali, a region in the West African region. Just like any other free extension, it’s just that this domain has issues with credibility and limited traffic handling capabilities.

Even so, the .ML domain is still worthy of being used as experimental material for making websites.

4. Domain .CF

Similar to .GA, the .CF domain extension is also quite popular among bloggers. The domain name which is intended for citizens of Central Africa (Central Africa) has graced several forums, discussion groups, and social bookmarking platforms in its era.

5. GQ . Domains

What is a .GQ domain? This domain is the country code for the country of Equatorial Guinea and still has almost the same characteristics as several previous domain extensions, namely having the ability to handle low traffic, low trust levels, and indexes in search engines that are difficult to optimize.

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