WordPress Core Security Issues Threatening Millions Of Websites In Danger!

Wordepress core scurity

In early January 2022, the WordPress Core Security development team announced a security vulnerability in WordPress core files. This threat is considered serious, with a high level of vulnerability. What are the details of the WordPress core security issue? Then, how to deal with it? Read this article to the end, okay! Four WordPress Core … Read more

Definition Of Drupal, Functions And Advantages It Has

Drupal Is

Foreign word that is rarely heard by ordinary people because Definition Drupal Is indeed the word heard however different from those involved and website development activities. Drupal has become a familiar term for web development workers or developers. The existence of open source makes it easy for website owners to create, develop, and manage websites. … Read more

Website : Definition, Functions, Types, Benefits, and How to Make It


The development of the internet from year to year has increased from the side of active users. Everyone accesses the internet using various devices. From desktop, mobile, to tablets. And the website is one of the most frequently accessed and used media in finding various information and means of communication Examples of websites that are … Read more