Software Development Stages With Waterfall Method

Waterfall Method

There are many types of software development Waterfall Method or what is often called SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). The waterfall method is one of the development models that is currently quite popular and is widely used by software developers. For this article, we will discuss further about what the waterfall method is, along with … Read more

Definition Of Outcome Objectives And Key (OKR) And Application Examples

Outcome Objectives And Key (OKR)

Google success is not achieved resources to reach the Outcome Objectives And Key (OKR) highest point as the world’s largest search engine. This inseparable from implementation of objectives and key results short which has been used to develop better business performance. So, along with the development of the times, many companies and startups are implementing … Read more

WordPress Core Security Issues Threatening Millions Of Websites In Danger!

Wordepress core scurity

In early January 2022, the WordPress Core Security development team announced a security vulnerability in WordPress core files. This threat is considered serious, with a high level of vulnerability. What are the details of the WordPress core security issue? Then, how to deal with it? Read this article to the end, okay! Four WordPress Core … Read more

Definition Of Drupal, Functions And Advantages It Has

Drupal Is

Foreign word that is rarely heard by ordinary people because Definition Drupal Is indeed the word heard however different from those involved and website development activities. Drupal has become a familiar term for web development workers or developers. The existence of open source makes it easy for website owners to create, develop, and manage websites. … Read more

Learn The Pluses And Minuses Of The Java Programming Language Here

Pluses And Minuses Of The Java Programming

The most common Pluses And Minuses Of The Java Programming used by developers to design applications. One of the biggest users of Java is Android app developers. Apart from that, Java is also used by Kotlin, Scala, Clojure, Groovy, JRuby, and Jython. The Java programming language is also familiar with the academic and scientific fields. … Read more