Types of Web-Based Applications and Examples of Applications

Web-based applications are gaining popularity along with the number of active internet users around the world. From being easy to access the website also does not require large resources in terms of hardware or software. Anyone from all walks of life can use a website application.

Discuss more deeply about web based applications as well as the advantages they have over desktop-based applications. This time desktop devices have to replaced by a website. More user friendly and more widely known to the public. So that many new web programmers and startups have sprung up in the software house for website development.

Definition of Web-Based Application

Web based applications are applications that developed using HTML, PHP, CSS, JS languages that require a web server and browser to run it such as Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

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Web applications can run on the internet or intranet networks (LAN network), centralized data and ease of access are the main characteristics that make Web applications more in demand and easier to implement in various areas of life.

Types of Web Based Applications

After knowing about the meaning, then enter the discussion regarding the types of applications that use website devices.

1. Social Media Websites

The website can also as means of communication in the form of online. Conversations that can be carried out by everyone quickly and in real time. Or, so-called social media. Examples include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

2. Web Based Information System

Websites also used means business activities and human work. Process that out can systemized, centralized, properly monitored using the application. Currently known as an information system.

The information system itself has several types, tailored to the needs of each work field. Examples are the cooperative information system, SIAKAD (Academic Information System), Fleet Management System, Hospital Management, and many other IS.

3. Buying and Selling Web and Business

The website used of buying and selling online. Known as e-commerce by using all your needs. Related goods services can in processed only a web application.

Examples of applications widely used in Indonesia are Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak, and other e-commerce platforms. You can choose a variety of products ranging from new, used, low prices to the most expensive that you can get through the application.

4. Web Search

Web searches commonly known as Search Engines. Of course, you almost every day always access the name search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Youtube, etc. Search engines can perform a variety of information searches quickly and accurately.

5. Information and News Web

Website-based applications can also display the latest and most current information and news from all over the world. Examples of web news in Indonesia are Detik.com, Kompas.com, Tribunnews, etc.

6. Web Server Application

The definition of a web application server is an application device, where you can receive requests and can also send responses in the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) protocol. The implementation process course programmed of a server side programming.

Language or better known as a back end. This type of web server application developed by users who want to build a client / server on a website, especially among IT development.

Examples of this type are Apache HTTP Web Server, Nginx, XAMPP, Apache Tomcat, Lighttpd, LAMP, WAMP, MAMP, and many others.

7. Web Browser Application

What is a web browser app? Web browser application piece of software. That to open and run a page or website. Examples of web browsers are currently widely. Used are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Baidu, Opera, Vivaldi, Torch, Maxthon, UC Browser, and many other browser examples.

Example of a Web-Based Application

Examples of web applications used today are numerous and almost every field of work always uses a website. Here are some examples related to web-based applications.

1. Amazon websites

The world’s largest buying and selling site. Amazon offers a lot of products, categories, types of goods with varied prices. The payment method used is in Dollars.

Amazon’s website certainly has a very large storage or database to accommodate various types and types of incoming data every day. There is a need for special handling related to the management of the web server and applications used.

2. Gmail

Application made by Google for creating email accounts, creating, sending, receiving, or creating social media accounts. Gmail is widely used replaces the position of Yahoo which a almost abandoned.

3. Government Institution Website

Government agencies have websites pages. That are used as means to disseminate, direct, and deliver information. Quickly, precisely, and accurately. An example is the website of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Health, etc.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Web-Based Applications

The website also has advantages and disadvantages, the following is an explanation of both.

Excess :

  • It can be accessed through various devices such as mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.
  • You don’t need big specs to run a website.
  • It does not require a license related to the use of the website.
  • It can be run on various operating systems (OS) such as Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.
  • Can be displayed viewed whe never long connected internet network.

Disadvantages :

  • Requires a good stable internet network the website that is used connected displayed properly.
  • Requires a good network security system, from the server side, browser, and client. Websites vulnerable being included in various viruses, trash, malware from the internet. What is more dangerous hacked by is no good system security.

Web Vs Desktop Comparison

The following is the result of a comparison between a web-based application and a desktop.

Desktop Based Applications

Desktop based application is able to operate offline however installed first on a laptop or computer. Most of the Desktop Based (Standalone) applications are developed from C++, VB, JAVA etc.

Desktop based applications are mostly installed as standalone and although Desktop based applications. Have supported the process of data centralization however installation process for Desktop based Applications.


  • Web based applications are developed using a programming languag from the client side and requires a web server.
  • The web application also has several types, examples, advantages and disadvantages. The main advantages of web-based applications over desktop-based applications are in terms of usage, specifications, features, and user friendliness.

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