Understanding Domain Types And Ways To Buy

If you want to access Google pages, of course you will write google.com in your browser, right? Well, what you type in the browser is called a domain. So, understanding domain is an address to access a website.

Just like home, every website in this world must have a domain as an address so it can be easily visited.

Well, for those of you who want to build a website, let’s learn what a domain is, the function of a domain, the types of domains, and how to buy a domain!

Understanding Domain

Domain is the address that will take you to the intended website Actually, a domain is a substitute for using an IP address in the form of a combination of numbers.

The increasing number of websites makes the combination of numbers in IP addresses increasingly difficult for users to memorize. That’s why a naming system with a domain is so much more effective.

The Understanding Domain name system consists of two main elements, namely domain names and domain extensions. For example, Niagahoster.co.id.

You can own a domain name and extension by signing up with a domain service provider.

Function Domain

Domain functions as a means of identifying a website. How’s that explained?

Basically, the website is stored on a web server. When you type in the domain name, there will be a process to find website data on the destination web server according to the identity of its IP address.

For example, when you type in niagahoster.co.id, you can easily access the Niagahoster website without having to know the IP address of Niagahoster.

You don’t have to worry about the wrong address, as long as the information entered is correct. This is because a domain is unique. No one can use a domain name that is already registered in the name of another person.

This is because there is a special organization called ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) in charge of keeping a database of all domain names in the world.

Well, when you want to register a domain name, the service provider will check the ICANN system to ensure whether the domain name you want is still available or not.

Types of Domains

In general, the domain is divided into three types, namely:

  • Top-Level Domains
  • Second-level Domain
  • 3rd Level Domain

1. TLDs – Top Level Domains

Top Level Domain is a domain extension located at the end of a domain. The TLDs that are frequently used are .com, .id, and .gov.

For example, for www.niagahoster.co.id, the TLD is .co.id and www.google.com, the TLD is .com.

The TLD also serves as a marker for the type of website, the country of origin of the website, and so on. For example, if your website is an online store, then the extension to choose is .store.

You can choose a TLD extension according to your website identity. Not only for branding purposes, but also for SEO optimization efforts.

Well, there are several types of domain TLD, namely:

ccTLD – Country Code Top-Level Domain

As the name implies, country code TLD means that the domain indicates the country identity of a website. Plus, the contents of the website are generally specific to the people of that country.

Typically, ccTLD extensions use the country initials. Examples of ccTLD domains are .id for Indonesia, .au for Australia, and others.

Apart from that, there are variations of the .id domain according to the user’s goals, including:

  1. .ac.id – used by the academic environment or college.
  2. .sch.id – used by school websites.
  3. .web.id – used by personal and organization.
  4. .go.id – used by government websites, and others.
  5. .co.id – used by business or commercial websites.

One example is the following domain of the DKI Jakarta government website :

The advantage of a ccTLD domain is from a security perspective. This is because this domain requires a more complete identity when registering a domain name.

That way, a website with a ccTLD domain is difficult to use for illegal purposes. As a result, domain names with ccTLDs have high credibility.

In addition, the use of ccTLD has not been as much as .com. So, it’s easier for you to have the domain you want before someone else owns it.

Unfortunately, the activation process for ccTLD domains is not as fast as .com due to a strict identity verification process. In addition, the price of a ccTLD domain also tends to be higher because it is considered exclusive to a particular use.

gTLD – Generic Top-Level Domain

gTLD is the most commonly used domain extension in the world. Usually, this domain uses the abbreviation for website usability.

Well, examples of gTLD domain types are:

  1. .com – commercial or general/business websites.
  2. .edu – education or educational website.
  3. .org – organization or website of non-profit organizations.
  4. .net – network or social networking/networking website.
  5. .gov – government or government website.

One of the organizational websites that uses gTLD is the WHO (World Health Organization) with the .int.v . domain

In addition to being relatively affordable, gTLD domains also do not require special identity documents when registering a domain name. Not surprisingly, this domain has become very popular and is used by many websites in the world.

The challenge when it comes to using gTLDs is the large number of domain names that have been registered. In addition, gTLD domains are vulnerable to being used for websites with the purpose of crime.

TLD premium

premium TLD is an alternative domain extension with a premium name. Well, the function of this type of domain is as a specific identity for a website.

Some popular examples of Premium TLD domains are .store, .travel, .doctor, .site, .academy, and others. One of the users is the health website from Poland below which uses the domain halo.doctor.

Because it describes the specific type of website, Premium TLD usually has a relatively high price. Even so, this type of domain can be an option for a unique domain name because it is rarely used.

2. SLD – Second-level Domain

A Second Level Domain is a unique name that you register when you purchase a domain. Usually, SLD is also referred to as the website name.

SLD position is located in front of TLD. For example, the SLD on the domain www.niagahoster.co.id is niagahoster.

You are free to choose a name for the SLD as long as the combination with the TLD is not registered. If it is already used, you need to find an alternative with a different TLD.

For example, if the domain name petshop.com is already in use by someone else, you can use the TLD .store to become pet.store. Or, just use another SLD with a .com TLD like petshopindonesia.com.

3. Third Level Domains Or Subdomains

The third type of domain is a Third Level Domain or Subdomain which is located at the front of the entire URL.

Examples of the most common Third Level Domains are www, such as www.facebook.com, www.twitter.com, www.niagahoster.co.id, and others. Subdomains can function as new pages or derivatives of a website.

For example, www.niagahoster.co.id becomes the parent of course.niagahoster.co.id, forum.niagahoster.co.id, and so on. Well, the words course and forum in front of niagahoster.co.id each denote a subdomain.

What is an Addon Domain and Parked Domain?

In addition to the above types of domains, there are two domain terms that are useful when managing domains, namely Addon Domain and Parked Domain.

Addon Domain

An addon is a domain that is added after you have a primary domain. The addon file will be added to the sub-directory of the first subdomain inside your web hosting’s public_html folder.

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For example, your main subdomain is mybusiness.com, you add an addon domain mycuanku.com. Then, the Bisniscuanku.com folder will be in the public_html folder belonging to my Bisnis.com.

The advantage of using an addon domain is, you can build a website with new content that is different from the Understanding Domain, without the need to buy a new hosting.

Subdomains will still have the main domain name, for example course.niagahoster.co.id. Meanwhile, addon domains can be independent domains which are different from the main domain.

Parked Domain

Parked domain is a feature that is used to redirect one or more domains without content to one primary domain.

How parked domains work is very simple. Let’s say you own the domain mybusiness.com, then you want to create a domain mybusiness.net as well.

So, every visitor to my business.net will see the exact same look and content as the businessku.com domain.

With that said, parked domains are very useful for you, if:

  • The new domain has not yet been created, so requires another domain as a temporary destination.
  • Having more than one domain pointing to one main website.
  • Anticipate visitors who mistype your primary domain name.
  • Increase traffic to your main domain.

How to Purchase a Domain?

So, after knowing what a domain is and its types, how do you get your Understanding Domain of choice?

Let’s follow the guide on how to buy a domain at Niagahoster below:

  1. Do check the availability of your chosen domain name. To do this, go to the Niagahoster Cheap Domains page, then enter the domain name and extension you are looking for.
  2. If the domain is not available, you can replace it with a domain name or other extension. If your desired domain is still available, please click Add to Cart.
  3. Select the No Hosting option if you only want to purchase the domain. However, if you opt for hosting for at least a year, you can get a free domain!
  4. Look at your order table, if it is correct, click Continue.
  5. Please do the payment transaction. Niagahoster provides various payment method options. So you can choose which one you are comfortable with.
  6. After the transaction is confirmed, your domain will be active and can be used immediately.

Are you ready to own your best domain?

Are you ready to own your best domain?
Do you understand what a domain is? Domain is a website address that allows visitors to access it without knowing the IP address first.

Because it’s unique, to own a Understanding Domain applies: first come, he gets. So, if you already have a coveted domain, you can immediately register it at a hosting and domain service provider.

Niagahoster can be your choice because it is an ICANN accredited hosting service and has been trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers in Indonesia!

Why should you use a Niagahoster domain?

  • Free to choose a domain name with hundreds of domain extension options, starting from .com, .co.id, .id, .xyz, .store, .asia, and many others!
  • It is already ICANN accredited, so your domain will be safely registered in the ICANN database.
  • There is 24/7 technical support ready to help you.
  • You are freer to use your domain name for other needs, such as connecting with the CMS platform, creating subdomains, to integrating your domain into Google Mail, and so on.

That is Understanding Domain

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