Advantages Of Using Google Cloud Hosting for Your Website

Have you ever heard the term cloud hosting?. Did you know that there are many advantages of google cloud hosting for your website.

In this article, we will review some of the advantages that you get when using cloud hosting from Google.

An Introduction To Google Cloud Hosting

google cloud platform structure

Google cloud platform commonly abbreviated as GCP is a collection of cloud computing services. When viewed from the name of the term, of course this service is provided by Google. The service basically runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses for its internal products such as Youtube and Gmail.

Basically this GCP service provides a set of modular cloud services which include compute and storage. Not only that, but data analysis and machine learning are also available on this platform. Meanwhile, to be able to use it, you need a credit card or perhaps a bank account so you can buy it.

Time is indeed increasingly advanced and this condition is also marked by the development of increasingly sophisticated technology. Various facilities are available for internet users. So that all tasks can be made easier.

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Moreover, all work related to computing and the use of internet media. Now you can get the best service, including from Google. There are several facilities from this platform that are available and you can enjoy such as infrastructure services and platform services as well as serverless computing environments.

Not only that but there is also a lot of infrastructure available on this cloud platform and of course each has its own use. Because basically the cloud is a computing system that can be used to store and process data. Of course, with the existence of this cloud, all your work related to data and computing becomes lighter.

Google Cloud Platform Service Advantages

Google Cloud Platform Service Advantages

1. Data Security is Guaranteed

With this service from Google in the form of a cloud platform, your data can be stored safely. You now don’t need to be afraid and worried about your data because the cloud has used a number of servers as storage or storage so that your data will be stored neatly in the data center.

In addition, data privacy will also be guaranteed because the data has been locked so that no one can read it. The data can only be accessed by you of course by using your username and password to access it. In addition, the data will not be lost or erased. Because the data center which is a place for data storage is sophisticated.

2. Fairly High Scalability

The capacity of the data that needs to be stored can be adjusted to the scale of your needs. The cloud is designed to be able to store data with a large enough capacity size.

However, you can also use this service from Google to store data with a size that is not too large because this platform does have a fairly high scalability.

So if you need a storage capacity that is not too large then you can certainly use it. In the future, if the data increases and you start to need a larger storage capacity, then you can still use this platform service. This system does provide adjustments to data space requirements so that it is more dynamic.

3. More Flexible Access

Utilizing internet technology to access has become something that is often done by people today. With this internet technology, you can work from anywhere and anytime. Coupled with the platform that can help simplify your work.

Basically, the cloud does provide a service system that is faster without being hindered by anything. Including in a company, of course, with this system, you can access anything. Starting from monitoring the presence of company employees and other things.

4. More Efficient

The use of this platform also provides an advantage in the form of efficiency. Of course the use of cloud technology can make expenses cheaper. Not only that, but platform users can also expand business more easily. Indeed, your business will meet more competitors out there but in responding to this, of course you don’t have to worry and be afraid.

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Types of Service Google Cloud Platform

Types of Service Google Cloud Platform

1. Cloud Storage

This Google service product seems to be used by quite a few people. Actually this service is specially designed to store data in very large size. Not only storing data, but you can also share files and videos and various kinds of photos very easily. You can do all of this without having to think of a way to build a server infrastructure first.

2. BigQuery

This service is actually very suitable to be used as a tool for analyzing large capacity data. At least scalable data from Terabyte to Petabyte. This type seems to be widely used in various large companies so that it can be used to help entrepreneurs analyze all company transactions.

In other words, this service can be used in a large-scale business. It is very fast and very helpful. In fact, the process can run in just a matter of seconds.

3. Compute Engine

This service is available with the aim of helping you build a cloud server. Compute Engine can accommodate web applications that are created using Ruby or PHP programs. By using this type of service you can fully control the use of your Linux machine.

Google Cloud Platform seems to have many benefits for businesses and companies. Likewise when you want to manage company finances that are much more effective. That Advantages Of Using Google Cloud Hosting for your company website.

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